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    If you are entering 5 classes or more, please use the discounted Day Rate feature in SECTION ONE. If you are entering 4 classes or less, please select your classes from the list in SECTION TWO. ***NOTE: Surprise Stakes are NOT included in Day Rate and must be purchased separately.

    SECTION ONE: Riders utilizing the Day Rate discounts, select your classes here.

    1. Select your Day RateEnglish Day Rate $60Western Day Rate $45English & Western Day Rate $752. Select your classes1. Showmanship-Open2. Basic Seat Walk/Trot3. Basic Seat Junior4. Basic Seat Intermediate5. Basic Seat Senior6. Road Hack Walk/Trot7. Road Hack Open8. English Pleasure Walk/Trot9. English Please Green/Novice10. English Pleasure Junior11. English Pleasure Intermediate12. English Pleasure Senior13. English Pleasure Open14. Show Hack Open15. Surprise Stakes ($10 entry fee)16. Leadline-to run approx. 11:30 a.m.17. Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot18. Hunter Under Saddle Green/Novice19. Hunter Under Saddle Junior20. Hunter Under Saddle Intermediate21. Hunter Under Saddle Senior22. Hunter Under Saddle Open23. Discipline Rail Open24. Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot25. Hunt Seat Equitation Junior26. Hunt Seat Equitation Intermediate27. Hunt Seat Equitation Senior28. Hunter Hack Open 2' max height29. Handy Horse Walk/Trot30. Handy Horse Open31. Western Showmanship Open32. Western Halter Open (15 min break to follow)33. Western Stock Seat Walk/Jog34. Western Stock Seat Open35. Western Pleasure Walk/Jog36. Western Pleasure Open37. Western Horsemanship Walk/Jog38. Western Horsemanship Open39. Western Dressage Suitability Walk/Jog40. Western Dressage Suitability Open41. Ranch Horse Pleasure (rail) Walk/Jog42. Ranch Horse Pleasure (rail) Open43. On Command Open44. Trail Walk/Jog45. Trail OpenSECTION TWO: Select individual classes1. Showmanship-Open $102. Basic Seat Walk/Trot $103. Basic Seat Junior $104. Basic Seat Intermediate $105. Basic Seat Senior $106. Road Hack Walk/Trot $107. Road Hack Open $108. English Pleasure Walk/Trot $109. English Pleasure Green/Novice $1010. English Pleasure Junior $1011. English Pleasure Intermediate $1012. English Pleasure Senior $1013. English Pleasure Open $1014. Show Hack Open $1015. Surprise Stakes ($10 entry fee) $1016. Leadline-to run approx. 11:30 a.m. $517. Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot $1018. Hunter Under Saddle Green/Novice $1019. Hunter Under Saddle Junior $1020. Hunter Under Saddle Intermediate $1021. Hunter Under Saddle Senior $1022. Hunter Under Saddle Open $1023. Discipline Rail Open $1024. Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot $1025. Hunt Seat Equitation Junior $1026. Hunt Seat Equitation Intermediate $1027. Hunt Seat Equitation Senior $1028. Hunter Hack Open 2' max height $1029. Handy Horse Walk/Trot $1030. Handy Horse Open $1031. Western Showmanship Open $1032. Western Halter Open $1033. Western Stock Seat Walk/Jog $1034. Western Stock Seat Open $1035. Western Pleasure Walk/Jog $1036. Western Pleasure Open $1037. Western Horsemanship Walk/Jog $1038. Western Horsemanship Open $1039. Western Dressage Suitability Walk/Jog $1040. Western Dressage Suitability Open $1041. Ranch Horse Pleasure (rail) Walk/Jog $1042. Ranch Horse Pleasure (rail) Open $1043. On Command Open $1044. Trail Walk/Jog $1045. Trail Open $10Stall Rental $20


    Terms and Conditions:

    *Additions to any existing show entry may be made at the show for the listed price.

    *No refunds for scratched classes.

    I hereby certify that the exhibitor and horse named above is eligible to enter all Delta Riding Club shows. I further certify that I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Delta Riding Club. I recognize that equestrian activities may be dangerous and involve certain inherent risks, including but not limited to the risks of possible serious injury or death. I agree to make no claim whatsoever against that Delta Riding Club, its officers and/or directors, the owners of the property, or any agent, official, or member of the Delta Riding Club for any accident, injury, or loss that may occur to, or be caused by, any horse or person at the show; or should any article of any kind or nature be lost, destroyed, or in any way damaged.

    I agree to the terms of the waiver as given above. I have read and understand “the fine print” as provided on the Show Program. I understand that by selecting this “I agree” box I hereby accept the terms and conditions and the checking of this box constitutes my signing of the entry form.

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