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Are You Ready to Show?

Get your memberships in, polish up the pony, and come out to have some fun with us! The show program and entry forms are now up on the “Shows” tab. Please note that ALL show fees are to be paid by e-transfer to If you are unable to e-transfer, please print out an entry form to pay by cash or cheque.

2020  Show Dates:  10565036_10152810326246047_5358587141063768109_n

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Show Details:

This is a quick overview.  More detailed information, rules, entry forms, and show programs  can be found on the “Shows” tab.

We love to see new faces!  If you’re new to showing and not sure about the entry and show process, feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or pop in at a show; we would be more than happy to help you out!

% Days are our dressage shows. Western Dressage riders are welcome! Format is test-of-choice from HCBC, EC, or Eventing tests for traditional dressage, and HCBC and WDAC for Western Dressage. Tidy schooling attire and boots/bandages are permitted. Entries must be received no later than 7 days prior to the show using our online form or hand-delivered. For more details please see the “shows” page. High Point Awards are given for both traditional, Western, and Driving divisions.

Our Hunter Shows offer classes ranging from trot poles up to 2’6″. Each height division offers four classes: A Hunter Under Saddle class (no jumps) held in the main ring, then a warm up round over the jump course which is not judged followed by a Hunter round (judged on the horse’s way of going) and an Equitation round (judged on the rider). The general rule at Hunter shows is that the same horse/rider combination may ride at any two consecutive heights. Those wishing to enter lower classes for schooling opportunities or try a few higher classes after competing in two divisions may do so hors concours, that is, un-judged. High Point Awards are given for each division.

Our English/Western Shows offer a wide selection of English  and Western Classes. Classes are divided into the following divisions, each of which is awarded a High Point Award at the end of their division: Junior (13 years and Under), Intermediate (14-18 years), Senior (19+), Open (open to all ages, excluding Walk-Trot), and Walk-Trot (open to all ages, to be shown at a walk and trot only and not eligible to show in any age division or open classes.) Western Walk-Jog (same rules as English) and Western Open.  We do offer “Novice” classes which are open to ALL riders (including walk-trot and walk-jog entries) for those riders who are new to showing, riding an inexperienced horse, or walk-trot riders who (with their coach’s blessing…) would like to give the canter classes a try.


TURNOUT 1. A pleasure driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the performance and quality of each turnout. 2. To be shown both ways of the arena at a walk, slow trot, working trot, and strong trot. To stand quietly and to rein back. 3. To be judged: •70% on the condition, fit and appropriateness of harness and vehicle, spares and appointments, neatness and appropriateness of attire and overall impression. •30% on performance, manners and way of going.

PLEASURE DRIVING 1. A Pleasure Driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the suitability of the horse to provide a pleasant drive. 2. To be shown both ways of the arena at a walk, slow trot, working trot and strong trot. To stand quietly, both on the rail and while lined up, and to reinback. 3. All entries chosen for a workout may be worked both ways of the arena at any gait requested by the judge and/or may be asked to perform appropriate tests. 4. To be judged: • 70% on performance, manners and way of going of the horse(s). •20% on the condition and fit of harness and vehicle. •10% on neatness of attire

REINSMANSHIP 1. A Pleasure Driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the ability and skill of the driver. 2. To be shown both ways of the ring at a walk, slow trot, working trot and strong trot. Drivers shall be required to rein back. 3. All drivers chosen for a workout may be worked at any gait requested by the judge and may be asked to perform appropriate tests. 4. The driver should be seated comfortably on the box so as to be relaxed and effective. 5. Either the one or two-handed method of driving is acceptable. Common to both methods: the elbows and arm should be close to the body with an allowing but steady hand enabling a consistent “feel” with the horse’s mouth. Drivers should not be penalized or rewarded for using one general style over another. 6. TO BE JUDGED: • 75% on handling of reins and whip, control, posture, and overall impression of driver. • 25% on the condition of harness and vehicle and neatness of attire


Our Summer Classic Show offers a full Hunter program and English/Western/Driving program (without the Novice classes).  The Summer Classic offers fantastic high point awards!



Year End Awards

Year End Awards are presented to Members who have qualified by placing in the eligible class 2 or more times during the season. With the exception of Novice Classes, a Year End Award is available for every class on the show program! We also have Aggregate awards for: Hunter, Dressage, Western Dressage, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Over-All English, Over-All Western, Trail, Equitation, Showmanship,  Buster Bojo Brown Versatility Award, and Over-All Aggregate. Details on these awards and how to qualify can be found on our “Year End Awards” page.

Every year, DRC recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the club or in the show ring with our Members Choice awards. Categories are:

  • Most Enthusiastic
  • Most Improved
  • Special Appreciation
  • Sportsmanship
  • Wayne Schiewe Memorial
  • Horse on Course Horsemanship

Do you know a deserving someone for any of these? We need your nominations- see the Year End Awards page for details.



The Delta Riding Club celebrated it’s 70th year of operation in 2018! Still operating under its original Constitution, signed on April 21, 1948, its charter members represented families of the local farming community including Albert Huff, Hugh Reynolds, Ken Davie and RB Coleman. Today, the club still has strong ties to agriculture and with support from the Delta Agricultural Society, continues to foster family participation at all its events. Our shows provide a competitive atmosphere for novice and seasoned exhibitors alike; new members are welcome. Everyone is welcome to show at Delta Riding Club,  DRC Members receive discounted show rates and are eligible to win Year And Awards.